1) Studio Apartment         :       30 SQ. M.

2) One Bedroom Apt.       :        60 SQ. M.

3) Two Bedroom Apt.       :        108 SQ.M

4) Three Bedroom Villa   :       174 SQ.M.




FRC (FAL Residential Compound) is a Western Style Compound which consists of 733 units, situated at the North of Riyadh, opposite side of the road to the IMAM UNIVERSITY, and near to the International Airport that gives convenience to frequent travelers. All units / villas here in our compound are fully furnished.





As part of the offered services of the compound we provide our tenant's free transportation from compound to the scheduled location for shopping and etc. A bus as well, is provided to take your kids to school and pick up. Bus Monitors is arranged to ensure your kids safety. Games and other activities are also organized occasionally by the Recreation Department.


Rental rates are inclusive of utilities (Water and Electricity). Units are fully furnished, air-conditioning and telephone facility, (Plus Satellite TV) & INTERNET Subscription is also AVAILABLE


Tenants have to provide Security Deposit to cover damages to FRC's Property attributed to resident's misuse, which is refundable at the final conclusion and / or termination to lease contract.